We are very serious about goofing around. And we have a very serious way about being goofy

We are a shy but food-motivated literary journal based in Chicago, a home for strays, ugly ducklings, and the funny-looking. We accept all genres and visual art; our spreads follow the format of pairing visual work with prose and poetry—much like Granta, but way less fancypants. Our work hits all the brows—high, middle, low—and we’re proud of it.

We began this project out of a sense of dissatisfaction with many other literary journals (lack of communication, dropping the ball on deadlines, absolutely no compensation for writers while demanding high submission fees, etc.) and a desire to build something that takes the time to find and care properly for quality work and the people who make it. We work on a tight quarterly deadline, with consistent and thoughtful communication between our editor, designer, founder, and all our contributors, and are active in the literary community in Chicago with readings, consignment sales, and slapping stickers on street signs and bar bathrooms.

We’re small right now—a team of three humans and three pups—but we’re growing into our paws and learning new tricks; one of our main goals is to table more at local, regional, and national book fairs (AWP 2020, Mission Creek, Flyover Fest, Chicago Zine Fest, and Chicago Art Book Fair are some we’re looking at). Four times per year we hope to fill your bowls with words and art that are serious about being goofy and goofy about being serious.

 bork bork.

-Lauren, Kevin, and Joe